Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant

Vegetable oil refinery plant fundamentally convert crude oil into high-quality oil products suitable for humans, as well as oil modification processes that ensure the physical properties of oils and fats meet market requirements at the lowest cost.

Product Description

Our vegetable oil refinery plant achieves this. It imparts an even color and attractive quality to the oil by removing unpleasant odors and undesirable properties from vegetable oils. The plant and machinery consist of neutralizer, bleacher, deodorizer, coolers and various other equipment.

Types of Vegetable Oils which can be Refined

Vegetable oil refinery plant is a complete versatile refinery which can process and refine almost all different types of oils and fats. The input raw material for the refinery is the filtered crude oil.

Our refinery can refine multiple crude oils such as: peanut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, palm oil, coconut oil, cottonseed oil, mustard oil, corn germ oil, sesame oil, canola oil, shea butter oil,sesame oil,peanut oil,rapeseed oil etc.

Setting up a vegetable oil refinery is very simple. Understanding vegetable oil refining is a daunting task, and we have designed excellent refining equipment and plants based on high-end technology and the latest market research.

Design of Equipments in Vegetable Oil Refinery

Neutralizer for Vegetable Oil Refinery

Neutralizer Equipment is provided with thermic fluid coils to heat the oil. It is a reactor with closed top and conical bottom. The conical design gravitationally slips the soap through the bottom. Special inside agitation is performed at controlled rate for reaction to occur.

Bleacher for Vegetable Oil Refinery

Bleacher is provided with double pipe coils. The usage of both these coils is application specific. Either Single Coil is used for circulation of thermic oil and Single Coil is used for circulation of cooling water or Both the Coils are used for circulation of thermic oil. It is designed to operate in vacuum with high temperature.

Deodorizer for Vegetable Oil Refinery

Deodorizer is a heavy duty pressure vessel provided with double pipe coils. As the temperature jump is big, here both the coils circulate the thermic fluid only in order to achieve in lower time. Steam is released from the stainless steel nozzles provided on the steam pipe cross supported at the bottom. Temperature Gauge and Vacuum Gauge are provided for reading.

Available Capacity of Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant

The refining capacity of the vegetable oil refinery is generally expressed as Tons Per Day (TPD) in 24 Hours. Thus, an oil refinery must operate continuously for 24 Hours a day to get the output results and to allow the adequate time for process completions.

It should be understood that oil refinery plant have several processing capabilities. We manufacture and export refineries from scale to large scale to meet customer requirements.

3 – Tons Per Day Smallest Pilot Scale Plant
5 – Tons Per Day Most Standard Entry Level Refinery Capacity
10 – Tons Per Day Ideally Suitable for Established Business Firms
15 – Tons Per Day Sufficiently Enough for Medium Capacity Range
20 – Tons Per Day Gives Optimum Results
30 – Tons Per Day Plant with Higher Increased Productions

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