Soyabean Oil Refinery Plant

The soybean oil seeds are crushed into flakes and the crude soybean oil is extracted by an extractor system. The resulting product is crude soybean oil. This crude oil requires degumming to remove gums from soybean oil.

Product Description

Soyabean oilseeds are crushed into flakes and crude soya oil is extracted through the extraction machine system. The resulting product is crude soybean oil. This crude oil requires degumming to remove the gums from the Soyabean oil. The caustic material removes free fatty acids from the oil. The oil is bleached and deodorized subsequently. Bleaching the Soyabean oil removes the yellow-orange carotenoid pigments and the green chlorophyll from the oil. Deodorization removes the odorous substances in which the oil is subjected to high temperatures under a vacuum for a period of time.

Our soybean Oil Refinery have various capacities, from entry-level small plants of 5 tons/day to medium and large plants of 50 tons/day.

We are leading manufacturers and exporters of Soyabean Oil Refinery Plant systems for processing the crude soya oil into the refined soya oil. Refining technology means separating impurity from oil in order to enhance stability and purity of oil. Soya oil refining can be utilized in order to ensure procurement of best quality oils at vary less cost.

Technical Specifications of Soyabean Oil Refinery Machine

Below are some of the technical specifications of soybean oil refining plant. The parameters are variable and strongly depend on the type of crude oil quality and desired oil output. The below is just tentative for the purpose of reference.

Capacity Range 5 – Tons Per Day, 10 – Tons Per Day, 15 – Tons Per Day, 20 – Tons Per Day, 30 – Tons Per Day,50 – Tons Per Day
Refining Process Batch Type System
Water Consumption ≤ 700 Liters / Ton of oil
Electrical Consumption ≤ 20 KWH / Ton of oil
Steam Consumption ≤ 180 Kg / Ton of oil
Diesel Consumption ≤ 40 Liters Per Hour of Boiler Running
Clay Amount ≤ 8 to 12 Kg / Ton of oil
Degumming Agent 400 to 700 Grams / Ton of oil
Circulating Cooling Water ≈ 100 M3/h

Benefits of Soyabean Oil Consumption for our Human Body

Soybean oil is mainly obtained from soybeans. This soybean oil is one of the most widely consumed oils recently. Most soybean oils are filtered, refined, and sometimes even blended/hydrogenated. It has a good balance of fatty acids. It has a very high protein content. Besides the protein content you get from soybeans, soybean oil has several other benefits. Here are the gist:

1.Contains a variety of essential fatty acids needed for a healthy body.
2.Good cooking medium.
3.Soybeans are rich in vitamins and minerals.
4.Protects skin cell membranes from damage.
5.Helps regulate cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease
6.High-quality soybean oil boosts the immune system

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