Cooking Oil Refinery Machine

This Cooking Oil Refinery Machinery has a variety of functions such as automatic control of heating, oil extractor and filtration, etc.

Product Description

This machine has been successfully developed. The complete unit is composed of a refining tank, a decolorizing tank and a filter, an oil pump, and a motor electric control system, which can realize degumming, deacidification, drying and decolorization. It is specially used for edible oil refiners to realize the integrated process operation of dephosphorization, degumming, deacidification, dehydration and decolorization, so as to achieve the purpose of space saving and normalization. Also today, our machines are accelerating their entry into small and medium-sized oil mills across the country, and are deeply loved by users. The oil refined by this oil refining equipment reaches the national secondary edible oil standard and can be directly filled and sold!

oil refining machine parameter

Item JLJ-A/50D JLJ-B/75B JLC-75C
Air   pump power 1.1   kw 1.1kw 1.1   kw
Self-priming   pump 1*0.37kw/220v 2*0.75kw/220v 3*0.75kw/220v
Heating   tube 3*2KW 6*3KW 9*3KW
Product   dimension 1500*580*1350 3120*830*1550 3900*830*1550
Weight 140 kg 280 kg 350 kg
Mixing   tanks number 1 2 3
Voltage Triple   phase Triple   phase Triple   phase

1. Mixing motor for No.1 tank  2. No.1 mixing tank  3.Gum outlet of No.1 mixing tank

4. .Moving wheel  5.Oil outlet valve of No. 1 tank  6. Gear oil pump for tank 1

7.Gum outlet of No.2 mixing tank  8.Oil outlet valve of No. 2 tank  9.Return Pipeline for No. 2 Mixing Tank  10.Control panel  11.Gum outlet of No.3 mixing tank   12.Oil outlet valve of No. 3 tank  13. Oil return pipe of filter tank  14. Gear oil pump for tank 3   15.Air Pump

16.Three-way valve  17. Oil Outlet Valve of Product Tank  18.Oil Product Intake Pipe 19.Oil Product tank  20.Exhaust valve  21.Pressure gauge  22. Intake air valve

23.Mixing motor for No.3 tank  24. No.3 mixing tank  25. No.2 mixing tank  26.Mixing motor for No.2 tank  27.Safety vent valve  28.No.3 Tank Control Panel 29.Filtration Tank Intake Pipe 30. Product identification

Operation process

cooking oil refinery machine is a kind of oil refining equipment. In order to operate the refining machine more effectively and safely, this manual must be read carefully before use.

(1)The pressure range of filter tank is 0.1- 0.3Mpa when using the refining machine.

When the pressure gauge reaches or exceeds 0.3MP, the relief valve above it should exhaust automatically. If there is no automatic exhaust, remove the red plastic cap of the relief valve and turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise until exhaust. Overpressure work is prohibited.

(2) Do not start the machine until it is firmly installed on the horizontal location.

(3)Refiners without protective ground wires are prohibited from starting up.

(4) When the refining machine is running, if there is obvious abnormal noise and vibration, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

5,The pressure side shall not be opened until the refining machine stops running.

6,When the machine is not in use, the power of the connecting machine should be disconnected.

7,When the machine is not in use for a long time, it should be powered on for at least 5-10 minutes every month.

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