Sunflower Oil Refining Equipment

Our company provides process design, installation, commissioning, and technical personnel training for sunflower oil refining equipment, and undertakes relocation, technical transformation, and key delivery of key projects.

Product Description

We provide process design, installation, commissioning, training of technicians on behalf of the company, and undertake relocation, technical renovation, key delivery key projects.
We will, as always, aim to continuously develop new products and rapidly transform the world’s most cutting-edge new technological achievements into productivity and make important contributions to China’s oil and grease industry.

Our range of services and deliveries

Materials for the complete set of sunflower oil refining equipment.

Installation and commissioning of the complete set of sunflower oil refining equipment;

Sunflower oil process flow diagrams and equipment design for the workshop.

Equipping individual equipment with control switches and buttons.

Design of the schematic diagram of the power control of the workshop.

Provision of complete sets of electrical control systems.

Long-term technical service.

1. Base conditions on which the design is based

Atmospheric ambient temperature: 20°C

Design temperature: <30°C

Relative humidity: 65%

Atmospheric pressure: 0.1 Mpa (1 atmosphere)

2. Utility works and auxiliary raw material requirements

Saturated steam: 1.0 MPa.

Compressed air.

Temperature: ≤40°C

Pressure: ≥0.6 MPa

Maximum oil content: 0.1mg/m3

Cooling water: cooling water must be non-corrosive, free of suspended impurities, pressure 0.3 Mpa, temperature less than 20 to 32°C (summer), maximum hardness less than 10 degrees German.

Drinking water: pressure 0.3 MPa, temperature 15 to 25°C, maximum hardness less than 10 German degrees.

Soft water: pressure 0.3 MPa, temperature less than 50°C, maximum hardness less than 5 degrees German.

Power electricity: 3380 V ± 5%.

Electricity for lighting and control: 220V±5%, frequency: 50Hz.

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