Rice Bran Oil Production Line

The rice bran oil production line mainly includes rice bran pretreatment equipment, rice bran oil cake solvent extraction equipment, and rice bran oil refining equipment.

Product Description

The production of fresh rice bran oil is divided into three stages: rice bran pretreatment, rice bran extraction, and rice bran crude oil refining. Rice bran pretreatment refers to puffing and drying rice bran and then entering the solvent extraction workshop to extract oil. Puffed rice bran has the effect of keeping fresh and can be stored. We use an extraction machine and a rice bran cooking machine specially designed for rice bran leaching, which can well achieve the leaching and desolvation of rice bran, and can run continuously for years without failure. Using rice bran preservation, puffing leaching, physical decolorization, physical deacidification and other processes, the first-class rice oil that meets the national standard can be processed.

Technology Process
1. Rice bran pretreatment process:
Rice bran→cleaning→bran rice separation→puffing→drying→remove dust
2. Solvent extraction process of rice bran oil cake:
Rice bran particles → solvent extraction → filtration → evaporation → steam stripping → leaching of crude oil
3. Rice bran crude oil refining process:
Crude oil→hydration degumming→water washing→drying→dry degumming→decolorization→filtration→deoxygenation→heat exchange→heating→physical deacidification→delayed decolorization→heating→deodorization→heat exchange→cooling→dewaxing→degreasing→finished oil

Technology Feature

1. All process equipment is operated continuously, mechanized and closed;
2. The operation and maintenance of the whole set of process equipment are easier;
3. Configure a practical electrical interlocking control system;
4. Equipped with advanced and complete granulation process equipment to ensure that the raw material index is suitable for leaching, so that the leaching efficiency is higher, and the residual oil rate of the meal and the consumption of various materials are effectively reduced;
5. Customers can choose to configure advanced and practical industrial computer automation control system according to user needs.

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