Groundnut Oil Production Line

The groundnut oil production line mainly includes groundnut pretreatment equipment, oil pressing equipment, oil cake solvent extraction equipment, and crude oil refining equipment.

Product Description

The peanut oil production line has a good flavor, and uses low-temperature filtration technology to remove colloids in the pressed peanut oil. In order to maintain its natural color, aroma and taste, aromatic peanut oil is generally not subjected to hydration, alkali refining, decolorization and deodorization.

Technology Process
Peanut kernels have high oil content, and there are three main oil-making processes: traditional pre-pressing process, aromatic peanut oil process, cold-pressed peanut oil and peanut protein powder process. At present, the oil production process mainly adopts the fragrant peanut oil process, that is, the oil production method in which the fried peanut kernels and the steamed peanut embryos are mixed and pressed.
Technology Feature

The fragrant peanut oil process uses high-quality fresh peanut kernels as raw materials, and uses part of the whole-grain special high-temperature frying, mixed mechanical pressing, and low-temperature cold filtration to produce peanut oil with a strong aroma.

1. High-temperature pressing of peanut cake (with an oil content of about 8%), the obtained crude oil is extracted by solvent, refined by alkali refining, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, and can produce national standard first-class edible peanut oil.
2. Peanut meal (residual oil less than 1%) can be used as feed.

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