Soybean Oil Production Line

The soybean oil production line mainly includes soybean pretreatment equipment, oil cake solvent extraction equipment, and soybean protein production equipment.

Product Description

Soybean Oil

In oil engineering, soybeans are used as raw materials to obtain leaching crude soybean oil through pre-treatment and leaching processes, and high-temperature soybean meal, low-temperature soybean meal, high-temperature animal feed soybean meal are obtained according to different pre-treatment and leaching processes.

Soybean Protein

Low temperature soybean meal can also be used as a raw material for protein isolates and protein concentrates. Additionally, the final soybean oil is refined and placed on the market. According to the different processes required by customers, our company provides different processes and equipment.

Technology Process
1, High temperature soybean meal process
soybean→ Measuring→ iron removal→ cleaning→ Stone removal→ Classification→ Tempering→ peeling→soften (heating soybean temperature from 50 to 70℃) → crushing→ flaking (thickness is 0.25 to 0.30mm)→ drying→ solvent extraction.

2, Low temperature soybean meal process
soybean→ elevator→ soybean storage tank→ measuring→ soybean storage tank→ elevator→ magnetic separator→ vibrating screen→ stone removal→ soybean classification→ scraper→elevator→ soybean low-denaturation drying tower→ elevator→ fluidized bed rapid drying (Low-temperature air-flow dryer makes soy protein invariant)→ elevator→ peeling→ separator→ elevator→ soften(heating soybean temperature from 50 to 70℃) → elevator→ soybean kernel selection sieve→crush→ conveyor→ flaking(thickness is 0.25 to 0.30mm)→ scraper→ Air drying conveyor→ scraper→ solvent extraction.

Technology Feature

1. The soybean oil pre-pressing workshop adopts two different treatment methods to obtain two different oil cakes, and can perform high temperature soybean meal solvent extraction process and low temperature soybean meal solvent extraction process according to customer requirements.

2. Add PLC system to prevent solvent leakage, evenly feed and filter powder, easy to operate and safer. The negative pressure evaporation system can save the condenser area and improve the oil quality.

3. The protein content of the soy protein isolate product is ≥90% (dry basis), and the content of soybean protein concentrate is ≥65% (dry basis).

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