Cottonseed Oil Production Line

The cottonseed oil production line mainly includes cottonseed pretreatment equipment, oil pressing equipment, oil cake solvent extraction equipment, and crude oil refining equipment.

Product Description

The basic process of cottonseed oil production line is: cottonseed pretreatment → pressing → solvent extraction → crude oil refining.

Cottonseed oil press: after pre-pressing, a part of wool cottonseed oil and cottonseed cake can be obtained.

Cottonseed oil extraction equipment: to extract cottonseed oil from cottonseed cake, the cottonseed oil extraction equipment includes four systems: feeding and discharging system, wet meal degreasing system, mixed oil treatment system and solvent recovery system.

Cottonseed oil refining equipment: we can provide three kinds of cottonseed oil refining equipment: cottonseed oil batch refining equipment, cottonseed oil semi-continuous refining equipment and cottonseed oil full continuous refining equipment.

● Cottonseed oil refining equipment: remove various impurities in crude cottonseed oil.
● Degumming process: remove desoluble impurities;
● Deacidification process: remove free fatty acids;
● Decolorization process: remove the pigment;
● Deodorization process: remove odor impurities.

Technology Process
1. Cottonseed pretreatment process
Cottonseed Seeds → Screening → Cleaning Impurities → Shelling → Crushing → Steaming And Frying → Pressing Crude Oil → Cottonseed Oil And Cake

2. Solvent extraction process of cottonseed cake
Cottonseed Oil And Cake → Extractor → Solvent Recovery → Steam And Remove Wet Meal → Mixed Oil Treatment → Crude Oil And Meal

3. Crude oil refining process

Cottonseed Crude Oil → Alkali Refining → Degumming → Centrifugal Drying → Continuous Decolorization → Dewaxing → Continuous Deodorization → Filtration → Finished Cottonseed Oil

Technology Feature

1.The project uses cotton meal (46% protein content) as raw material, and separates the cottonseed hulls and lint from the cottonseed meal through the pretreatment workshop to produce cottonseed meal by-products with high protein content;
2.The pressing efficiency and the stability of the oil press equipment are the key to the oil pressing process. Our oil press machine has the characteristics of large output, low cake residue and good cake quality.
3.The protein content of cotton meal reaches 57%. The cottonseed meal (57% protein content) enters the solvent extraction workshop, and the gossypol and raffinose components in the cottonseed meal are extracted by a low-concentration methanol solution in the extractor to produce cottonseed protein concentrate products and crude raffinose products.
4.The crude raffinose is processed through the raffinose refining equipment, and goes through the processes of impurity removal, filtration, decolorization, concentration, crystallization, separation, and drying to produce raffinose products. The raffinose content of the raffinose products reaches 98%.

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