Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine

The material of palm kernel oil extraction machine:The press cage is made of cast iron, feeding part and shaft are made of carbon steel.

Product Description

Palm kernel oil press material: The press cage is cast iron, and the feeding part and shaft are carbon steel. The whole machine is coated with anti-rust oil, and the pressing worm is made of high-strength steel. The oil press can extract oil from various oil seeds and nuts such as tea seeds, soybean seeds, peanut kernels, sesame seeds, etc. Our oil press has passed IS09001 quality management system and CE certification.

Why choose oil extraction machine?

1. Can squeeze various seeds

2. High oil yield

3. Energy saving

4. The oil will be more delicious

5. High quality spare parts

6.The useful of oil cake:

When you press oil, it will get a lot of oil cake. We can reuse oil cake to feed the chicken or fish and plant flowers

Equipment flow chart

Professional personnel can make a plan that suits you according to your production, raw materials, plant size, budget and other needs.
Sheller, used for remove the shell of palm kernel,this machine with screen.
Roaster, used for roast the palm kernel, to incręase the oil yield and make the oil taste better. (if not roast need press twice or more)
oil press, used for press the palm kernel and get oil.
Filter, to filter the residue of raw oil

Features of the machine

1. It is widely applicable to all kinds of oil pressing. The feeding mechanism adopts cycloidal pinwheel reducer, which has stable movement, low noise, convenient installation, and can withstand overload and impact, so that the feeding is more uniform and stable, ensuring the pressure of the press chamber and increasing Oil yield

2. The feeding device obtained the certificate of new patent in the industry in 2018

3. Its single machine has high output, simple operation and stable performance, suitable for customers who process large quantities of oil

Palm kernel oil effect

1. Edible effect

Palm kernel oil is a kind of edible oil, people can absorb a lot of fat after eating, and these saturated fats are an important component of fat. You can remove cholesterol in human serum, soften blood vessels, and reduce Lipids and blood pressure.

2. Health care

The health benefits of palm kernel oil are also excellent. This oil contains a lot of linoleic acid and tocotrienols. After these substances are absorbed by the body, they can prevent vascular stiffness, increase nerve cell activity, and can delay aging and improve Human body quality is of great benefit to protecting human health.


1. Palm kernel oil will be used as shortening in the food processing industry. There is a big difference between shortening and margarine. It is 100% pure oil, while palm kernel oil is called saturated. Grease can fully meet the requirements of shortening. Usually when people make sandwich biscuits, cakes, breads and French fries and other foods, they can add an appropriate amount of palm kernel oil, which can have the same effect as shortening.

2. Frying food is one of the common uses of palm kernel oil in daily life, because this kind of edible oil has super anti-oxidant properties. The tocopherol it contains is a natural high-efficiency antioxidant and is not easy to polymerize with acid esters. Conducive to the production of healthy fatty acids, like the instant noodles that people usually eat, they are all fried with palm kernels.

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